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Hellosocky’s mission isn’t a long story… No, it’s 100% clear. Our mission is to bring a smile to people’s faces through the little things. What’s more fun than appreciating the little things in life?

There is already so much negativity in the world, wherever you are or look. Isn’t life way too short for that? That is why the most important saying in our company is: “If we can have our socks be happy and smile all day, then us humans can do the same!”

Our Sockies are so powerful. They can be worn all day, in whatever circumstances: cold, processing unpleasant odors, shoes that are too small, etc.… We’ve got more where that came from. But they always smile, no matter what happens. This is what we want to convey to every customer. Turn a negative into a positive and smile every day, out of gratitude. You will see that life will be more fun in no time by appreciating the little things in life.