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In our loving Hellosocky team, everyone smiles every day. No matter what happens. Our socks have the ability to smile and be happy every day, don’t they? Then so can we :)

There is a lot of negativity in the world every day. Every country, every city, every person. Everyone sees it on a daily basis. The most important rule in our company is: turn a negative into a positive. You can do this by making the smallest of adjustments. Life is way too short to do boring things and to spend too much time on negative experiences.

So why socks?

If you read the text above, you probably wouldn’t immediately make the connection with our crazy Sockies. We can understand that…. Alright, we’ll explain why we sell socks. To us, it’s simple: happiness is in the little things. Why would you buy boring socks that have holes in them within 5 days of wearing them? Thankfully there are companies that offer fun and especially crazy socks. The only thing is that their prices are ridiculously high, which makes them inaccessible to a lot of people. We think our crazy Hellosockies should be affordable to everyone.

That is exactly why we started Hellosocky. Craziness is now accessible to everyone. With us, you can get the greatest packs of socks, consisting of 10 pairs of high-quality socks, for no more than $50! You read that right: $50! That is only $5 per pair of socks with 100 days manufacturer’s warranty on every pair of socks. On top of that, FREE shipping too. At our competitors’, you’ll pay at least $10 per pair, and you’ll only have up to 30 days warranty.

Passion for a smile

Happiness and fun all revolves around perception and experience. That is why our team only consists of fun, crazy, but above all sweet people that are 100% ready to bring a smile to your face with something as simple as socks. That is our team’s goal every single day. Bringing a smile to people’s faces through the smallest things.

We think you’ve read enough now, and we hope you start and end the day with a smile today.